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From the outside, HireAthena, might appear to be just another Accounting firm. And while, over the course of six years we have worked diligently to maintain the books of hundreds of customers worldwide; it has been with a very different, broader mission in mind. Indeed, we think of ourselves more as a services laboratory; maintaining

I recently published an open letter to Tech Founders and CEOs, in which I urged the Tech Industry to empathize with Trump Country, and bridge the gap with the use of industry and innovation. I also discussed my experience as Founder of HireAthena, a company that delivers an outsourced Accounting, Finance, and HR solution through

We survived the Presidential election, and now the real work begins. We, the primary beneficiaries of the borderless global economy, have built companies that continue to eliminate Main Street businesses with devastating job loss for local communities. How do we replenish the jobs that we helped destroy which provided not only financial stability, but also

By Kristen Koh Goldstein, HireAthena CEO Know Your Cash — The Top 5 Things To Get Right 1. Cash is oxygen. Good divers don’t take their eyes off the oxygen level of their tank for too long. According to Sabrina Parsons, CEO of LivePlan, “Two thirds of small businesses that go out of business are