We’re bringing moms back to work

Kristen Koh Goldstein, mom of three, founder and tech CFO, realized that using technology we could bring moms across the U.S. back to work. So that's what we've done

Our story

Kristen founded HireAthena in 2010 (formerly BackOps). The business grew fast but ultimately hit a scaling wall like many labor marketplaces. The team doubled down and invested heavily in developing an in-house proprietary workflow software called Scalus that now powers the business. Scalus enables a new kind of labor marketplace where quality work product is easy to monitor and maintain. When Kristen is not at HireAthena, she’s hanging out with her kids Jack, Athena, and Rex and her husband Mark.

Our team

We’re always looking for smart, motivated individuals who want to help us build the mom economy.

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Our investors and Advisors

Over $10 million in funding from the best and brightest in Silicon Valley.

Arjun Gupta
Babak Nivi
Chris Lien
Chris Redlitz
Kevin Laws
Heidi Roizen
Max Levchin
Mark Goines
Mark Goldstein
Mark Pincus
Michael Baum
Naval Ravikant

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