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Savvy Founders use These Three Tricks to Streamline their Bottom LinePosted October 9, 2017

At HireAthena we feel privileged to work with some of the savviest founders out there (hi Knightscope, AngelList, and Womply). In the process of helping these great businesses succeed; we have learned a thing or two (or three) about what these Founders are using to cut their bottom line costs in a huge way.


They use blockchain to reduce the cost of transactions

If you find yourself fielding a multitude of transactions, be it paying an offshore dev team or local contractors; we recommend checking out Using a combination of traditional methods and blockchain technology; Veem has streamlined the wire transfer process by cutting out the middlemen that would usually take a piece of each one. Wires that once cost $40-$50 each are done for free; faster than before, and straight from Xero or QBO.


They’ve gamified travel expenses to their benefit

When we met up with TravelBank it was love at first sight (and not just because they are really ridiculously good-looking). Founder Duke Chung has gamified expense reporting through his app by rewarding users who stay under the average per diem of a trip. The result? Companies save money on their bottom line, and employees reap the benefits of being price sensitive on their work trips. And we saved the best part for last – this app is available for the outstanding price of free-ninety-nine. Get it while it’s hot folks!


They’re smart about cap table management

Disclaimer, we love and use eShares to support our clients all the time. Historically Founders have relied on their legal team for regular updates to their cap table, often resulting in heavy fees that quickly accrued to tune of thousands of dollars. But we are in a new era where lawyers can set-up your documents at the beginning while eShares and an accounting team do the rest. This saves Founders hours of time, and thousands of dollars and we can’t recommend it enough.


If you are a Founder angling to wrangle your bottom line; we stand behind the above to keep costs low and productivity high.


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