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Since 2010, HireAthena has powered hundreds of startup and non-profit businesses

A quick overview of HireAthena

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The accounting and HR solution of the future

Run your company on the best accounting and HR technology platform with 24/7 access to your team. Bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and benefits -- we do it all

Effortless management

Run your entire business from your fingertips. We use best-in-class technology to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to your mission-critical data.

Your own team of experts

Real-time access to the experts who know your business. An extension of your firm, our payroll, bookkeeping and HR specialists offer on-demand services when you need them.

Blazing fast setup

We’ve perfected our processes so that we can get you up and running in a matter of days, saving you time and money.

How it works

We handle everything you assign to your HR and Finance Department from payroll, benefits, FSA and 401k management to accounting, bookkeeping, monthly financials, and tax.

We set up your tech stack

HireAthena sets up your business on best-in-class accounting and industry-standard web services that can grow with you.

You meet your team of experts

Meet your back office support team on day one. Your team is available by video, chat, and email whenever you need them.

You manage your company from one dashboard

Handle all approvals, expenses, payroll, and business updates. It’s that simple.